Mathieu aka Marmousou

Name : Mathieu

Nickname : Marmousou / Herr Marmousou (only for german fans)

Location : Paris XV

Age : Damn 20 !

Bike : Gitane / Freewheel

Hand : Right

Marmousou is definitely the X factor of the team. Despite his skinny arms he’s got one of the most powerful shot in Paris due to a natural swing. Mathieu is a surprising player for his opponents and sometimes for his teamates as well. In 2010, we’d love to see Marmousou playing more polo and less bingo. The main french Network TF1 offered  him to be in the TV show “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here, in Africa” but he declined.

He thought that was not fair for other celebrities trying to compete with a lion in Africa.

Math is alwyas smiling, that’s why it’s a real pleasure to spend time with him on and off the court.

To celebrate his new status since Karlsruhe, we decided to print a very limited edition spoke card. The card had so much success accross Europe that we’ll make a new one for this summer.

Off the court Math is studying medecine (3rd year) and playing in brass band.


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