Vermicelles Shangai Import Export Incorporation.

This WE during the Imperia Tourney in Konstanz, I (greg) will play in a mixed team called “Vermicelles Shangai Import Export Incorporation”.

I’ll play in that team with this very uncommon name with Manu and Lukas from l’Equipe. I’m very impatient to see how it’ll work with these two very good players. During the first round we will have very tough games againt the Toros and Bambule who just wont the Polomotion Tournament in Utrecht.

There will be very goods teams in Konstanz, PoloSynthèse and the Candy Colored Clowns and teams who had good results since the beginning of the season, Iron Ponies (Won The King of the Rink Tournament) and Shark Attak (Finalist at Polomotion). If you want more information about this tournament go to the Imperia Tourney website.


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