About the Lions

MGM is a Bike Polo team created in 2009, composed by Mathieu (Marmousou), Greg and Matthieu. The team was initialy created to play the Greif Master Tournament in march 09.

We finished 13th of the Karlsruhe tournament’s, one of the most competitive tournament in Europe. We finally decided to continue to play together.

3 month later we won the Paris Championship a qualifing tournament for the Euro, our first victory together.


March 2009 : Greif Masters, Karlsruhe (Germany), 13th.

May 2009 : Paris Championship, Rouen (France), 1st

June 2009 : French National Championship, Rouen (France), 2nd

June 2009 : Nike “El Club” tournament, Paris (France), 1st

June 2010 : Throw in Tournament in Lille (France), Greg’s team finished 2nd and Greg was MVP.

July 2010 : European CHampionship, Geneva (Switzerland), 7th

August 2010 : World Championship, Berlin (Germany), 17th.

October 2010 : London’s BFF Tournament, Greg won with MAt (Cosmic) and Emilié (Rotten Apples), Marmou finished 2nd with Luis (Apologie) and Mirek (Netto).

November 2010 : Imperia Tournament, Konstanz (Germany), Greg played with Lukas and Manu from L’Equipe and finished 2nd.

November 2010 : Paris BFF Bench Minor, Greg was captain of the Black team who won the tournament, Matt also played in Black team.

November 2010 : HellCat Tournament, Lille (France), 3rd