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The Jungle Rule !

Before each game of the Jungle Tournament on saturday, a player will have to spin the wheel. The wheel will define a specific rule for the game. To know the meaning of all of this see you satruday morning at 9h00.


Victoire x MGM, stem prototype.

This stem is the first step of our colaboration with Victoire concerning specific bike polo bike parts. Inspired by BMX design and adapted to Bike Polo restrictions this stem is coming straight from Ju’s mind.

Very compact and light, this stem is a real pleasure to ride. It’s been now 3 month that we played with and all the feelings on the bike and feedbacks are great.

The stem should be produced soon. A little bit longer version will be also available for the one who want to use it for their daily bikes. More info soon about the production available soon on the Victoire website.

Next steps will be hubs and a chainring.

Stay tunes, and don’t forget “Step by Step, ooooh Babyyyyyy ……!”


It’ll be in Paris, it’ll be the 26th March and it’ll be very fun.

Here is the list of the team competiting for this tournament.

1/ LES ROIS DES ANIMAUX, Paris, Marmou/Greg/Matt
2/ LES PANDAS, Paris, Mayeut/Bump/Henri
3/ LES GORILLES, Paris, Hugo/Pierre/Ed
4/ LES CHOW CHOWS DU BENGAL, Paris, Looping/J Fran/Pierre
5/ LES PHACOCHERES, Paris, Léo/Mickey/Clément
6/ LES CANARDS SAUVAGES, Paris, Luis/Yorgo/Thomas
7/ LES KANGOUROUS, Paris, Jude/Nick/René
8/ LES BABOUINS RAFIKI, Rouen, Maks/Woods/Quentin
9/ LES TARZANS ET LA JANE, Rouen, Bidou/Fabrice/Simon
10/ LES BONOBOS, Karlsruhe, Hannes/Steffen/Schindi
11/ LES ELEPHANTS, Genève, Clément/Quentin/Sarah
12 / LES ZEBRES, Grenoble, Will/Jo/Yann
13 / LES GIRAFFES, Lilles, Florent/Sylvain/…
14/ LES GUEPARDS, Toulouse, Alex/Felix/Tonio
15 / ____________, Montpelier, Mass/Piks/…
16/ LAPINS VOLANTS, Rouen, Dadou/Anton/Fred

Marmab[ ]-[ ]th 3.0 / Special Greif Masters.

Before me make a post on the past 2 WE in Rouen and Karlsruhe, have a look to the preview of the Marmoubooth Special Greif Masters, made buy the most beautifull mustache of the Bike Polo, our friend Brendan McNamee.


First of all, we want to wish you a Happy New Years.

It looks like 2011 will be full of Polo and the year start with 2 really interessing tournaments.

We will open the season with the 2nd Epiphanie Tournament, organised by our friends from Rouen with their association Guidoline.

This 16 teams tournament with several competitive teams will be a very good way to start the season. The format called Tag Bidou should be innovating and should allow to all the team to play at least 6 games.

The list of the teams :

1. Broken Legs – Rouen (Bidou, Simon, Fabrice)
2. Hooks – Rouen (Quetin,Maks, Woods)
3. DFA – Rouen (Dadou, Fred, Anton)
4. Les souilleurs – Rouen (Robin, Yann, Gontran)
5. Sum Dum Monkeys – London/Paris (Gabes, James Brown, Yorgo)
6. Tour de court – Dublin/Berlin/London (Emmet, Rik, Hassan)
7. MGM – Paris (Marmousou, Greg, Matt)
8. Marco – London/Munich/ (Adam, Iain, Angie)
9. Inglorious Riders – Nantes (Simon, Romain, Alexandre)
10. DTGP – Paris (Hugo, Pierre, Edouard)
11. Call me Daddy – Grenoble (William, Jo, Polo)
12. Iron ponies – Genêve (Clement, Quentin, Johan)
13. Dirty old things – Paris (Jfran, Adrien, Nicolas)
14. Peinture french – Paris/London (Mayeut, Thomas, M A X)
15. Sporting (scp) – Paris (Leonard, Mickael, Clement)
16. Sitting on a corn flake – Toulouse (Felix, Benji, Tonnio)

The second tournament of the beginning of the year is the GreifMasters, European Bench Minor in Karlsruhe.

It’s the first time poloplayers will play to represent their country (exept London & Karlsruhe who have their own teams). I know that Bench Minor format are discussed and some people think that representing a country as a team is too football look a like, but personnaly I like both. Playing as a team and for my country. To me Bench Minor and mainly played by country is close to Davis Cup in Tennis.

Of course polo is 3 peoples making a team and fighting in a tournament, but it’s good to have some BM, mainly when you have only one court.

So in Karlsuruhe 8 teams will fight for the title, Germany, Switzerland, England, Spain, Italy, Benelux + Poland & Denmark, London, Karlsruhe and France.

Here is the list of the players who composed those teams, with their logos, all design by my friend Steffen Mackert who make a huge and very creative work again.

Benelux + Poland and Denmark.

Taka (EHVFXD / Eindhoven)

Jamal (Eindvoven)
Rutger (Eindvoven)
Lorenzo (Eindvoven)
Antoine (Brussels)
Jaouad (Antwerp)
Nicky (Antwerp)
Chris (Antwerp)
Samson (Copenhagen)
Agata (Poland)


Tobia (Venezia / Tigers HBPC)

Cento (Treviso / Tigers HBPC)
Jack (Fano – Malaforca)
Sapo (Roma / Malaforca)
Marco (Roma / Li Carbonari)
Gianlu (Vicenza / Riding in Circle)
Tommy (Fano / Malaforca)
Mattia (Vicenza / Tigers HBPC)
Perro (Torino / Reparto Pista)
Nora (Milano / Burzum)
Valerio (Roma / Li Carbonari)


James (London / Nice Touch)

Adam (Spring Break)
Brendan (BAD Polo)
Cam (Nice Touch)
James Brown (La Schmoove)
Josh (Nice Touch)
Mark (Degeneration)
Max (Sick Zombie)
Pique (La Schmoove)
Ray (ELKS)
Snoops (Cosmic)


Kico (Barcelona / El Club)

Rik (León / Ex Rotten Apples)
Lucas (Barcelona / El Club)
Tom (Barcelona / El Club)
Jordi (Barcelona / Polospelos)
Alejandro (Barcelona / Polospelos)
Camilo (Barcelona / Los Manguis)
Francesc (Barcelona / Los Manguis)
Marcos (Barcelona / Los Manguis)
Pablo (Barcelona / Ex 24 hour polo people)


Lukas (Basel)

Manuel (Geneva)
Mario (Geneva)
Quentin (Geneva)
Johan (Geneva)
Clément (Geneva)
Patrick (Geneva)
Laurent (Geneva)
Giv (Lausanne)
J.B (Berne)


1 Til (Tough Shit, Munich) – Captain
2 Mo (Polosynthese, Frankfurt/Main)
3 James (Tough Shit, Munich)
4 Danny (Bambule, Berlin)
5 David (Polosynthese, Frankfurt/Main)
6 Lorenz (Tough Shit, Munich)
7 Eddy (Toros, Munich)
8 Nico (Bambule, Berlin)
9 Shustar (Toros, München)
10 Jessi (Bambule, Berlin)



1. Chan (Netto/Manchester) Captain
2. Mirek (Netto/Manchester)
3. Ste (Asbo/Manchester)
4. Woody (Asbo/Manchester)
5. Matt (Cosmic/London)
6. Dan (Black Stabbath/Birmingham)
7. Ben/Punkture (Manchester)
8. Chirs/Landslide (Sheffield)
9. Yorgo (Paris / London)
10. Alex (Toulouse / mcr)


Waiting for both, logo and team, but team should be close to this :

1. Hannes (Candy Colored Clowns)
2. Steffen (Candy Colored Clowns)
3. Max (Shark Attack)
4. Oli (Shark Attack)
5. Alex (Shark Attack)
6. Recep (Polo D’Oro)
7. Thomas (Polo D’Oro)
8. Oli (Polo D’Oro)
9. Paul (Lucky Charm)
10. Mark, Olger or Simon…


Greg (Paris / MGM)

Marmousou (Paris / MGM)
Marc Sich (Paris / Apologie)
Luis Davis (Paris / Apologie)
Hugo (Paris / DTGP)
Pierre Adrien (Rouen / Broken Legs)
Maks (Rouen / ex DBAA => Hooks)
Lefty Will (Grenoble /  Call Me Daddy)
Jo (Lilles / Call Me Daddy)
Polo (Toulouse / Call Me Daddy)

Apologie Vs MGM

Showed during the last Paris BFF, here is a video we made with Apologie. Enjoy.

Vermicelles Shangai Import Export Incorporation.

This WE during the Imperia Tourney in Konstanz, I (greg) will play in a mixed team called “Vermicelles Shangai Import Export Incorporation”.

I’ll play in that team with this very uncommon name with Manu and Lukas from l’Equipe. I’m very impatient to see how it’ll work with these two very good players. During the first round we will have very tough games againt the Toros and Bambule who just wont the Polomotion Tournament in Utrecht.

There will be very goods teams in Konstanz, PoloSynthèse and the Candy Colored Clowns and teams who had good results since the beginning of the season, Iron Ponies (Won The King of the Rink Tournament) and Shark Attak (Finalist at Polomotion). If you want more information about this tournament go to the Imperia Tourney website.