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Greg’s new bike.

Since I started playing polo, I used to play with crap bikes. I recently find a way to adapt a polo ratio and a riding one on the same bike. So I decided to use my track frame a french hand-crafted frame to play polo. I also bought double brake lever cause it’s very efficient when you’re playing with a freewheel.


Guess who’s back ?..?

Some people said he was retired from polo after scoring twice against Malice, some people said he started a porn star career, some people said he was living in Seattle after being recruited to replace Seabass.

All these people were wrong. Marmousou was just studying and partying. He’s now back  to prepare the Euro qualifying round and creating something new in the parisian polo scene.

We’re glad to have him back.

Gregory aka Greg Van Barben

Name : Gregory

Nickname : Greg / Van Barben

Location : Paris XVIII

Age : 28

Bike : French Hand-crafted Frame / Freewheel

Hand : Right

Greg is the oldest of the team, but he’s the youngest of us in terms of bike polo experience. Yet he’s a great player and in a few months he caught up with the best.
He’s fast and always paying attention to what’s happening on the court. Always bringing some motivation, he’s all about team work. His excellent passing and positioning make it really nice to play with him, whether you’re in a tournament or having fun playing shuffle games.

He’s got a pretty mean shot too and develop a special double contact trick to be more efficient on face to face, so goalkeepers best be careful when they seem him coming.
Greg has recently decided to hop on the freewheel train and he’s now kickin’ asses even harder!

Greg was choosen as MVP during the Lil’Throw in Tournament in June.

Off the court Greg is working as a creative in an advertising agency in Paris. He’s also collaborated with few magazines as writter. Greg loves photography, he recently started to shot bike polo and many things. =>

Matthieu aka Le lion

Name : Matthieu

Nickname : Le Lion / Matt BFF

Location : Antony 92

Age : 23

Bike : Preuss / Fixed

Hand : Right

Fast and powerfull  Matthieu deserves well his nickname “The Lion”. Matt is also the best goal keeper of the team, his saved our asses many time. He’s the kind of player you want to have in you team, he’s doing good pass, protects you with good screen and scores many goals in face to face. Matt helps you to be better during the games cause he’s always where you need him.

Last but not least, Matt is THE nice guy, never complaining always turning things into a positive way.

Matt is graduated as a sound engineer, he played in a band and he’s almost well known as Mick Jagger or John Lennon for alternative music fans.

Mathieu aka Marmousou

Name : Mathieu

Nickname : Marmousou / Herr Marmousou (only for german fans)

Location : Paris XV

Age : Damn 20 !

Bike : Gitane / Freewheel

Hand : Right

Marmousou is definitely the X factor of the team. Despite his skinny arms he’s got one of the most powerful shot in Paris due to a natural swing. Mathieu is a surprising player for his opponents and sometimes for his teamates as well. In 2010, we’d love to see Marmousou playing more polo and less bingo. The main french Network TF1 offered  him to be in the TV show “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here, in Africa” but he declined.

He thought that was not fair for other celebrities trying to compete with a lion in Africa.

Math is alwyas smiling, that’s why it’s a real pleasure to spend time with him on and off the court.

To celebrate his new status since Karlsruhe, we decided to print a very limited edition spoke card. The card had so much success accross Europe that we’ll make a new one for this summer.

Off the court Math is studying medecine (3rd year) and playing in brass band.