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Beavers on top of the food chain and Lions getting the 17th place, little summary of the Berlin world championships.


We finished the season a few weeks ago with the world hardcourt bike polo championships. So we headed to Berlin, where cheap beer and the best players of the world were waiting for us. Not only that unfortunately, but also a lot of rain and some tricky courts.

On thursday, about 40 teams played a preliminary tournament to get one of the 14 last spots for the world championships. With our 2nd place at the french championships, we were part of the teams that were already qualified. So our games were to start on friday.

We get 8 games to play between friday and saturday. when we’re done, we have to be part of the 32 best teams (out of 64) to get access to the next step (finals on sunday).

Matt and marmou arrived  on thursday morning to support the french teams involved in the preliminary tournament. The Rouen teams DBAA and Broken Legs made it, as well as the Euro Threats, a mixed team consisiting of Edouard and Stephan from Paris and Jono from London. Sadly a big thunderstorms messed things up on thursday evening and made it impossible to play the few remaining games. Our friends René Dadou and Thomas finished 15th partly because of that, so close to the qualification..

We’re all meeting up on friday morning to find out who we’re going to be playing. We get three games on that day: one team from Seattle, The Odds (north american champions this year) and our friends from karlsruhe, Polo d’Oro.

We’re playing our first game of the day on the main court, court number 2, against the second Seattle team. Drew, who played with Seattle Superstars (Leon, Seabass, Drew) last year when the guys came over to europe, and polony, my friend Dave that i had met 2 weeks earlier in London, are part of that team. We’re leading 3-0 quite fast. The atmosphere around the court is already quite good. A lot of people are excited for the Europe vs United States confrontation. I score the last goal and we beat our opponents 4-1

2nd game of the day, on court number 2 again, this time against The Odds. They beat us 4-2, despite the fact that we led the game 2-0 for a little while. We did our best but they were definitely better. The last game of the day is more laid back, as we’re playing against our karlsruhe friends Polo d’Oro (without  Recep). We beat them 5 -0 and that’s the end of our first day.

Some the amazing pics taken by

On saturday things aren’t that good, it’s been raining all night and morning and the courts are still wet and slippery. First game against Netto, Mirek and i crash, i hit the wall pretty hard and BOOM, bent frame… At that time we we’re already leading 2-0. The game ends at 3-1, and i don’t have a bike anymore. Fortunately the polo community is one big family and Quentin from the Camel Toe (Rouen) lends me his bike for the rest of the competition.

After a good hour spent switiching the parts from my old bike to Quentin’s, we’re ready to play again. 2nd game of the day is against Los Manguis from Barcelona. The way the guys from barcelona play had been quite harsh on us at the euros so we were a little worried. We win 2-1 in a game that was physical and not always clean, as planned.

I must admit i don’t remember who we played next, but we won. Then we lost 3-2 against Shark Attack in a game in which we messed up. The court was really wet and i’m pretty sure that none of the 6 players brakes were working properly anymore. Anyways, on a court full of water, i’m not surprised that the sharks won over lions.

Last game of the day was quite funny.Marc (Apologie) had mistaken the name of the team we were playing and had told us that we better be careful because they were actually pretty good. We were still quite flustered about the last game (Shark Attack) so we decided to play hard. I scored 5 goals in less than five minutes, which got us these words from one of our opponents at the end of the game “thanks for humiliating us” (Guys if you read this, we’re sorry, go polish bike polo!).

At the end of these 2 days with 6 victories and 2 losses, we’re 12th and qualified for the double elimination tournament. Things are about to get real.

Sunday, our first game is Dans Ta Gueule Puceau. Victory wasn’t out of reach but we did make some mistakes and the Puceaux took full advantage of these. They beat us 3-1.

We’re now in the looser bracket and again we’re meeting a french team, the Rolling Hoods from grenoble. They start really good, leading 2-0. Slowly we’re getting back into the game. I score a first goal with a big shot in between Mapple’s wheels. The Hoods seem tired, Marmou scores a second goal, everything is possible again now. The 2 last minutes are crazy, both the Hoods and us miss the one goal that will kill the game, until i score at 30 seconds from the end. Victory, MGM is still in.

It’s definitely not our lucky day, as we now have to beat Polosynthese (German champions) to get through. they lead quite fast with two big shots from Mo. Matt gets out of the goal and scores. Mo shoots a big one again, that hits Marmou’s arm and falls right into  our goal, unlucky. 5 minutes from the end now, I pass to Marmou who shoots and scores. The game is stuck at 3-2, with occasions on both sides, until David definitely steals our last chance when he scores at 30 sec from the end.

4-2, MGM is out and we finish 17th.

The good thing with being out early is that you can watch the other games. My 2 favorites were The Odds/Cosmic3 and machine Politics/Fuck the Border (Mixed team Alexis, Jonny, Kevin).

In the cosmic/The Odds game Todd scores one of the best goals i ever saw.

unfortunately Cosmic won’t make it through. To me They’re definitiely the team with the nicest/most enjoyable game in europe.

The other game i loved was FTB/Machine Politics. Under a pouring rain, the two teams played at their best, not even minding the slippery court. Chicago seemed better but FTB did not let them any rest, catching up at 5 seconds from the end thanks to Jonny Hunter who was 200% into the game. Machine Politics still won but it really could have been FTB.

The end of the tournament was full of surprises and it seems the north american absolute domination is no more. Well sure they’re still 2/3 of the top 3, and these teams were truely one step above all the others. But on the other hand,  The Odds, team Smile, and the East Van teams, which all play amazingly, were all kicked out of the tournament by some europeans. And the top 10 compared to last year’s, is quite even.

Last games of the tournaments were awesome. L’equipe confirmed their european superiority by beating the Toros. They played the loosers brack final against Machine politics, who lost the winner bracket’s final to the Beaver boys. The double european champions are defeated in a very intense game. Too intense probably, because the chicago players, who obviously put a lot of effort in it, lack the strentgh to resist the beaver boys. The final is won 5-1 by Milwaukee.

Beaver Boys are the second world champions of the history of hardcourt bike polo. It’s a very complete team that knows how to put physical intensity in their game when it’s needed. They finish the day undefeated. One more time, best team gets the victory.

Some of my favorite pics of the worlds.

© Kevin Walsh, the complete set is here.

©, the complete set is here.

©Marc Sich, Apologie, complete set is here.

©Virginia321, the complete set is here.

© Guidoline, complete set here.

© Steffen Mackert.


July 2_1_ Karlsruhe/Geneva

It’s been a while, we did’nt publish a post on the blog but we spent July to travel accros Europe, having lot’s of polo and meeting so many people.

Paris/Karlsruhe/Geneva – EHBPC/Paris. On the road again.

On our way to Geneva, we decided to have step in our friends city, Karlsruhe. As usual we had a very good time in Karlsifornia. This guys are so warmely, we had 2 polo sessions, but unfortunately, the rain cancelled the 3rd one, when Londonners (Gabes from Apples, Cosmic Todd and Bad guys, Brendan and Haidan.) Anyway, the rain was not enough to beak the very good atmosphere. We made a nice BBQ and moved to a bar, then we finished singing some Bonny Tyler songs and beers in Thomas kitchen. Thomas was a perfect host, we had very good time with him, and as all the MGM Members, is a big fan of Pompote now.

Some pics of the Paris Karlsruhe trip.

After 2 days in Karlsruhe we went to Geneva convoying with Hannes, and the londonners. Nothing really interessing to tell about that, exept that due to traffic jam we try to have the trip as entertaining as possible.

After a 7 hours trip we finaly arrived in Geneva. Soon enough to have couple of polo games. (Thursday July 14th). We were immediatly surprised bu the quality of the courts and the very good job the guys have made. 3 hockey rink with exactly the same size and the same neted goals. Awesome.

© Guidoline.

We spent our first night in Geneva at Canelle’s place. We shared a big room in the center of Geneva. Canelle was such a great host, she bought some foods and drinks for our arrival. We palyed some shuffle games on friday, and enjoyed the lake mainly with the Paris and London community. Playing good polo and having fun with cool guys, that was a perfect day.

Saturday July 15th, Start of the EHBPC 2010.

Geneva had an exellent idea for the first day of the competition. You played all your games in 3 hours time, then you can support your friend, go to the lake or visit the city. Our group was composed by :

Toros, Munich / Rakete, Berlin / Malaforca, Roma / Black Sabbath, Birmingham / Spatron, Lyon.

We won against Rakete 4-2, Black Sabbath 5-1, Malaforca 5-0 and Sparton 5-0. We lost against the Toros 3-2 and finished 2nd of the group.

Sunday July 16th, Double elimination bracket.

With a 2nd place the first day, we had a easy first game on the sunday and even if we didn’t play well, we won 3-1 against Polo Stubli. Our second game of the day was against our Karlsruhe friends Shark Attack. We had probably one of best game of the WE and we won it 3-0. We lost the next game against El Club from barcelona in a dirty game. That was the worst polo game I had to play in a tournament. It’s look like few people think playing dirty is a part of the game, so we’ll learn about that.

Then we arrived in looser bracket and have to play against the team nobody want to play The Motorfuckers (GVA) ! They started their tournament with an impressive win against Polosynthèse and immediately become the team everybody want to support. With Laurent playing a great polo, giving 120% on each game we know they’re were a very dangerous team. We had a very good start in this game and finaly can control the game as we want. We won the game 5-2. Next game was against Rothen Apples. It could have been a revenge becaus they eliminated Marmousou and I in the Paris09 BFF. But after leading the beginning of the game 4-1 we didn’t manage our lead properly and Rik on fire killed us with amazing long shoots. Many peoples considered this as one of the best of the EUro, that was intense, but we definitely should have won this game. After this defeat the tournament was over for the lions. We finished 7th.

L’Equipe won the finale 5-4 against Cosmic in a 31 minutes game.

After our elimination we can enjoyed the last games as spectator and that was a real pleasure. There were couple of very good games, but the final was really the master piece of this 2010 Euros. The reingning champs L’Equipe against the london Cosmics boys. During these Euros Cosmics was the team who spent the most of time without a keeper. I loved their way to play at 3 on the court. L’Equipe is so far the most organised team in Europe, the guys know each other perfectly, and Manu is always at the top when it become important.

Cosmics started fast and lead the game 2-0, but L’Equipe started to control the game, and impulse is own rythme in the game. When they control a game like that they’re unbeatable (I mean in EUrope). L’Equipe scored 4 goals in a row. Cosmics decided to play more and more with guys on the court to take the control of the ball and it works. When the lost the ball, on of them came back as fast as he can in defense when the 2 others continue to defend in the other part of the court. Cormics scored twice and came back on 4-4. At that moment, the 2 teams could have won the game, but as usual L’Equipe did it. Not that usual in fact, cause that time Mario scored the last goal as a symbol of his new role on the team.

What game, what a WE, what a trip.

Marmousou with his very stylish Chunk x MGM Polo Shirt. Thx Chunk.

More pics on the flickr set.

Lil’ Throw in. Big Pleasure.

An other sunday out of the city. Sunday we went to Lille to participate to the “Lil’ Throw in tournament” organised by Marc during a bicycle event called L’entorse.

5 cities were invited to send some players to this tournament. Paris, London, Brussels, Rouen and Lille of course. To make sure the teams have quite the same level, Marc did a great job separating confirmed players and rookies.

I (Greg) played in Lil’9 team with Robin from Rouen and Erin from London.

Marmousou played in Lil’10 team with Quentin from Rouen and Alexandre from Lille.

Le Lion played in Lil’11 with Constant and Loran from Brussels.

We had 3 different campaigns, but the 3 of us had lot of fun during the whole day. I played as a sub with Lil’7 against Marmousou’s team for their first game. Lil’7 destroyed the Marmousous 5-1 and sent them to the losers bracket ! Ah ah ah, so good to play against your usual teamate. Then Mat’s team who arrived soon enough in the loser bracket played against Marmousou’s one. They beat them 2-1 and that was the end of the adventure for Herr Marmousou.

At the same time, my team passed the first 2 rounds quite easily but lost against lil’12, the best team of the tournament composed by Ed (Paris/DTGP) Pierre Adrien (Rouen/Broken Legs) and Clément from Brussels who was definitely not a rookie. I think at that time I was the only Lion still in. From that moment all the game were so huge to us. We played against Lil’2 Jono (London/ELKS) Mayeut (PAris/SCP) and Sylvain (Lille), I was waiting since GreifMaster to play against Jono, he’s a fast player and I knew I would have so much fun to play against him. The game was pretty intense and we won it.

Next game was against Lil’7, as sub Simon (Rouen/Broken Legs) and Mortimer (Brussels) chose Woods (Rouen/DDBA). We started the game so strong that we fastly leaded 3-1. I missed an open goal which could have allowed us to lead 4-1, and then the game was very tight. They came back to 4-4, but we won 5-4. So good to win this kind of game, but so tiring. We beat Lil’6 Adam (London) Pounk (Paris/Saucy Lobstarz) & Francis (Lille) in a very good game and were qualified to the final for a revenge.

I was exausthed, but in the first game all the team played a great polo and we won the game 5-2. But we were coming from the losers bracket, so Lil’12 had a second chance and they didn’t miss it. They almost killed us, leading fastly 4-0, we didn’t give up but lost 5-2. As many times in polo best team won and everybody had lots of fun. The tournament was a good occasion to meet new people and speak with others. I liked playing with Ray (even if is a Lefty), Jono, Adam, talking to Iain (Malice) and seeing Andy (Malice) loosing all his games of the day. ;o)

Thanks Marc for the organisation, perfect as usual, thank everybody for coming and sharing this special day. Special thanks to my one day team mates Erin and Robin who rocked all day and to my former team mates who supported me during my games and with who I had lots of fun as usual during the car trip.

Quick Results and Prices :

1st. Lil’12 : Edouard / Pierre Adrien / Clément

2nd. Lil’9 : Robin / Erin / Greg

3 rd Lil’6 : Adam / Pounk / Francis

Best Goals : Erin & Iain

Goal Scored with the wheel (a MArco) : Mayeut

Best Stunt and Wheely Goal : Thomas Tomtox

Best Rookie : Francis

Best Keepers : Pierre Adrien and Robin

MVP : Greg

Here are some great pics shot by Ray, you can see more on his Flick Set.

AA first French Bike Polo Champions of the History. Lions finished Vice CHampions.

Last WE, we played the first French Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship and that was great.

First of all, we really want to thank the guys from Rouen for the organisation. Everything was so well organised and practical. Thank you guys you made a Great job.

The 14 teams were splited in 2 groups.

Group A : MGM, DDBA (Rouen), Marteaux (Paris), Broken Legs (Rouen), Polocitan (Toulouse), Les Rois Mages (PAris) and Inglorious Riders (Nantes).

Group B : Apologies (Paris), DTGP (Paris), Rolling Hoods (Grenoble), Chevalier de Camel Toe (Rouen), Sangliers (Montpellier), SCP (Paris) and Armoires a Cuillières (Bordeaux).

The first day was quite strange, there were lots of surprising results. We won easily our first 2 games 5-0 and 5-1 against Inglorious Riders and Polocitan. Then we beat the Marteaux 4-2 and lost 1-0 during a strange game against Broken Legs. During the game Matt almost broke his frame and didn’t really focus on the game. The Broken Legs defended very cleverly and we couldn’t catch up. We won our last 2 games of the day against Les Rois Mages and DDBA 4-1 and 2-1.

With 6W and 1L we finished at the first place of the group wich gave us a good advantage for the first games of the double elimination braket on sunday.

Ranking of the A group after the 1st day : 1. MGM / 2.Broken Legs / 3.Polocitan / 4.DDBA / 5. Marteau / 6. Rois Mages / 7. Inglorious Riders

In the B Group, DTGP rocked 6W,it was good to see the guys back. Rolling Hoods confirmed they’re a very serious team and Apologies played so bad, 2W, 2D, 2L.

Ranking of the B group after the 1st day : 1.DTGP / 2.Rolling Hoods / 3.Apologies / 4.Chevaliers de Camel Toe / 5. Armoires a Cuillères / 6. Sangliers / 7. SCP

Then the competition really start.

The sunday was dedicated to the double elimination bracket, and lots of thing changed. Due to our first place the saturday, we were already qualified for the second round. We played our first game of the day against the Marteaux. It’s always a pleasure to play these guys, cause they play fast and clean. We played a really good game and won 4-1. The 3rd round was very important, because if we won we were qualified for the Worlds in Berlin. We played against the Rolling Hoods. We beat them one week before in the final of the Nike tournament, so we were confident but we knew we had to play our best polo to beat them and we did it. We won the game 5-3.

The semi, was probably the best game of the entire WE. We played against Apologies. If the guys played so bad on the saturday they were damn hot on the sunday (4-0 against Rois MAges, 4-0 against Broken Legs and 4-2 against DTGP). We lost the game 4-3 after a very good game, but Marc, Luis and Yorgo were too strong for us. During the game there was probably the craziest minute of a polo game. Marc scored his MArco, a shoot with the front wheel. THen I (Greg) took the ball on my mallet with the help of my front wheel and made a kind of Quaterback pass to Marmousou who shot the flying ball. The shoot was powerfull, had rebound and finished in the nets !!! Amazing.

After this game we arrived in the loser bracket and played a second game against the Rolling Hoods. The game was totaly different compared to the first one. The Hoods led fastly 2-0 and 3-1. We felt tired and the elimination was not far. We really wanted a rematch and play the final against Apologies, so we fought hard and scored 4 goals for a 5-3 win. Unfortunately we finished the game completely burned and couldn’t offer people a proper final. Apologies crushed us 5-1.

The best team won, so no regret, we finished Vice Champion and feel really confortable with that. First Vice champion of the history, in Raymond Poulidor country that means a lot…

Some Pics and more on my flickr page.

French Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship.

This WE, the main french teams will be in Rouen, for the fisrt FHBPC.

This WE sounds great, we’ll play on a huge hockey rink, games will be so fast, and I already know I’ll love that. The Nationals will also determine the 4 french teams who will go to Berlin for the worlds. I think it’ll be a big fight for the 4 tickets. Parisian teams, AA (Marc, Luis & Yorgo), DTGP (Hugo, Pierre & Ed), Marteaux (Henry, René & …) and MGM could expect going to Berlin, but guys from Grenoble the famous Rolling Hoods (Yann, William, Johan) showed us last week during the Nike tournament that they’re a very competitive team and last but not least the locals, Broken Legs (Fabrice, Pierre Adrien & Simon) and DBAA (Maks, Wooks & Fred) will be on the figh as well.

To sum up, 7 teams for only 4 tickets, huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum, let’s get ready to rumble !!!!!

Complete list of the team and description of the tournament :

1/ Apologies Accepted (Marc, Luis & Yorgo)
2/ Dans Ta Gueule, Puceau (Hugo, Pierre & Ed)
3/ Frogger’s Challenge (Nick, Stephan & Agata)
4/ Les rois mages (Corentin, Thomas & Dadou)
5/ Marteaux bike polo (Henri, René & …)
6/ Saucy Lobstarz
7/ SCP (Léo, Mayeut & Mickey)
8/ MGM (Marmousou, Greg & Matt)


9/ DBAA (Maks, Woods & Fred)
10/ Les chevaliers du Camel Toe (Robin, Anton & Quentin)
11/ Broken legs (Fabrice, Pierre-Adrien & Simon)


12/ Rolling Hoods (Yann, William & Johan)

13/ Inglorious Rider’s


14/ Les armoires à cuillères

15/ PolOccitan Southern Style (Alex, Rem’s & Polo)

16/ les sangliers sauvages

MGL aka MeGa Lol aka Matt Greg Luis, won “Nike The Club” tournament.

Yesterday, we played in an incredible place “The Club” tournament organized by Nike with a huge help from Marc.

That was a 12 teams double elimination tournament. Teams were from Paris (DTGP, MGL, Magic King, Saucy Lobstarz, Epic Fail, A Team and SCP), Rouen (Rouen All Stars 1 & 2), Grenoble (Rolling Hoods and Guenille) and one team from Venice.

The place was totaly amazing, an old pool, trashed by graffiti for a good 20 years. Of course swimming pool means a floor that slopes down as you get to the deep end, making the games a bit tricky. Hence why Marc decided it would be fair to stop the games at half the time to switch sides.

The court was a bit small, so there were many hits, but everybody was in a good mood. I think every player had a lot o fun.

We played without our usual Superstar Marmousou, who was enjoying the Feria in Nimes, but we got a perfect sub with Luis. We played our first game against Rouen All Star 2 (Maks, Fabrice and Robin). We controled the game and won it 3-0.

Our second game was great, the toughest and best game of the day against DTGP (Hugo, Pierre and Ed). I (greg) scored fastly a goal, and an other one one. But Hugo, definitely good on this kind of game, scored.Luis scored 2 minutes before the end of the game, 3-1. I thought It was enough to be qualified, but DTGP nerver gives up. Hugo scored twice in the last 2 minutes so we played the golden goal. Hugo was on fire, but I had an open shoot and scored the golden goal. We were on our way to the final.

The other part of the bracket was weaker, we won the semi final 3-1 againt Magic kings (Corentin, Tom, David) and had to wait the results of the loosers bracket to know who would be our final opponents. After many super games The Hoods (William, Yann & Joan) won the loosers bracket.

The final against the Hoods was pretty intense. we had a good start, I scored the first 2 goals of the game, but the Hoods scored twice as well (William scored I think). Then the game became a bit physical, lots of mallet hacking and big hits. That was not very pleasant to play. The Hoods scored a third goal, and that was the half time. A good moment to speak all together and decided to stop this crappy physical game and played polo. After the break Luis scored, 3-3. Then in the last 2 minutes, I scored a goal. 4-3. I took the opportunity of an open goal to score one last time and end the game. The hoods were well organised and fast, we definitely have to keep an eye on them during the nationals in one week.

During the whole game the atmosphere was great, really noisy though (crowd + dj set). I had so much pleasure to be on the court. I really want to thanks Marc and Nike for the organisation of the event.

As usual, a few pics to follow.

Lions done it. Geneva here we come !!!

Yesterday, we played in Rouen (Yes we don’t have a proper court in Paris at the moment) the Euros qualifiers. 8 teams were present and ready to fight for only 3 tickets to go to Geneva.

We wanted this tournament be as fair as possible, so we decided to make a round robin tournament with 12 minutes games. Among the 8 teams, 5 could really pretend to play the Euros: Apologies Accepted (Marc, Luis & Yorgo), Dans ta Gueule Puceaux (Hugo, Pierre & Edouard), Marteaux Players (Henri, René & Corentin), Froggers Challenge (Nick, Stephan & Agatha) and MGM.

The tournament started at 11h and finished at 18h, we had a 7h non stop polo tournament. The first conclusion is, the level increased a lot in Paris these last months, mainly. The games are faster, and shoots are sharper. We can also see, we have more and more freewheelers wich makes the games more fluid.

We (Lions) started our tournament against a direct opponent for the qualification, The Marteaux. They are not really well known accross Europe because they never played any tournament outside France, but with fast and strong players they were very feared by the other teams. We won that game 4-2 with 2 goals from Matt at the end of the game. That was the best start we could expect.

Then we had 2 easy win against the Sporting Club Paris (the parisian rookies) 5-0 and the Saucy Pornstarz (Pounk, Alex & Ronan exFFF) 5-1.

Our 4th game was just amazing, we beat DTGP 5-1. Marmousou was definitely on fire, he scored fastly 3 goals so we led 3-1 cause Hugo also scored. Then Greg scored one and Pierre, who played all the tournament with an important injury at he’s left hand (he’s a lefty), scored an own goal. We were so happy after this win because we knew the qualification was very close.

We had an other win against the A-Team (Adrien, Davy & Jean François) 5-0. We controled the game well, but Jean François was great as a keeper and made a lot of stops, so we had to fight to win the game before the end of the time. Then we played against the famous Apologies Accepted. That was definitely our toughest game. We could have lost this game but we could also have won it, so a draw was logical to me. That was the faster game I ever played. Marc & Luis are now playing with a freewheel, so on the huge court that was totaly crazy and I loved that. After this draw we were officialy qualified before the last game.

But we definitely wanted to finish the tournament undefeated, so we did our best for our last game and won against froggers challenge 4-2. We finished the tournament with  6 victorie & 1 draw, which we really did not expect at the beginning of the day.

And the end of the 7 round, we finished 1st, Apologies Accepted 2nd and Marteaux Players 3rd. These 3 teams will represent France to the Euro in Geneva.

We really want to thank the guys from Rouen who left us their court for the day and were referee for many games. Thank you again guys and see you for the nationals in 2 weeks. You can find all informations concerning the french nationals on the Guidoline’s website.

I also especially want to thank Simon from Broken Legs who lent me his front wheel after mine was bent during the game against DTGP.

Here are all the results of the qualifiers :

Round 1

A Team – DTGP : 0-5 / Pornstarz – AA : 1-5 / Froggers – SCP : 3-1 / Marteaux – MGM : 2-4

Round 2

A Team – Pornstarz : 0-3 / Marteaux – DTGP : 4-2 / Froggers – AA : 1-3 / MGM – SCP : 5-0

Round 3

A Team – AA : 0-5 / MGM – Pornstarz : 5-1 / Froggers – DTGP : 1-5 / Marteaux – SCP : 5-2

Round 4

A Team – Froggers : 0-5 / Pornstarz – SCP : 4-1 / Marteaux – AA : 2-2 / MGM – DTGP : 5-1

Round 5

A Team – MGM : 0-5 / Pornstarz – DTGP : 2-5 / Froggers – Marteaux : 4-4 / SCP – AA : 0-4

Round 6

A Team – Marteaux : 1-4 / Pornstarz – Froggers : 2-3 / MGM – AA : 2-2 / SCP – DTGP : 0-4

Round 7

A Team – SCP : 0-4 / Pornstaz – Marteaux : 2-4 / Froggers – MGM : 2-4 / AA – DTGP : 3-1

The final ranking.

more pics, on guidoline flick set.