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Trip to the world of polo.

Here is a video from Snoops (Cosmic/LDN), that I like a lot. It’s not only bike polo, it is mainly the good time you have when you travel and share moment with the polo community. Great video Rupert.

The YORGOH LA LA’s gif.

During the summer we made couple of games with the famous and so enternaining “No Wheely, No GOal” rule. Since Yorgo is playing with a freewheel it looks like he had some problem to score a wheely goal. During those games Yorgo failed so many wheely goal, that I thought doing a gif mixing his faillures with his worldwide famous “expression” “OH LA LA”.

Here is the result.

New Marmousou’s spoke card. MGM x LDN

It’s back. After the succes of the first Marmousou’s Spoke card, here is the new one.

Discovered the 3 limited versions, developed by our friend Louis David in exclusivity during the Euro in Geneva (16-17-18 July)

Back ???

© Kevin Walsh

The fountain was emptied for a basketball event last week. They’re actually removing the basketball court, so we’re all crossing fingers and expecting the fountain will stay empty. We want our favorite spot back !!!

Who is going to Geneva. Part II

Actualy many cities had already organised their qualifiers for the Euros, and here is a list of the qualified teams to Geneva at the moment.


Bambule : Jessi, Niko, Danny

Candy Colored Clowns : Steffen, Marc, Hannes (c)
Shark Attack : Alex, Max(c), Oli

069ner : Markus, Jonas(c), Susi ( Jupp)
Polosynthese : David, Mo(c), Anna

Tough Shit : Lo, Til, James
Toros : Eddy, Pablo, Andreas
A-Team : Sven, Michi, Dennis



Broken legs : Fabrice, Pierre Adrien, Simon
D.B.A.A : Pierre Maximilien, Florent, Fred

MGM : Marmousou, Greg, Matt
Apologies Accepted : Marc, Luis, Yorgo
Marteaux : Henri, René, Corentin

Team Sparton : Alvaro, Morgan, …

Rolling Hoods : Yann, Johann, William

Poloccitan : Polo, Alex, Felix


Black Stabbath : Fin, Chris, Dan (C)

Fen Boy 3 : Harvey, Hayden(c), Will

Rotten Apples : Gabe (c), Emilié, Rik
Malice international : Iain, Matt, Andrew (c)
Bad Polo : Brendan (c), Dave, Aidan
Cosmic3 : Tom, Todd, Mat

Netto Superstars : Adam, Mirek, Chan
ASBO Polo : Woody, Ste, Josh


Le Club : Tom, Kico, Lucas
24 Hour Polo People : Jordi, Pablo, Alejandro


Wiener Blut : Mateen, Peter(c), Flo


Bike pollo : Federico, Pasquale, Marco
Yokupolu Mayoku : Maurizio, Giuseppe, Massimo


Riding in circle : Cento, Tobia, Gianluca

And another one

It’s Greg’s turn this time.
Happy birthday Greg!

p.s mad editing skills, i know

Up, Up, Up, Updates !!!!!

These past weeks, the blog was almost sleeping.

Due to the lack of court, the parisian bike polo scene wasn’t too active, so we didn’t have anything to tell you.

But last WE, we played the Euro qualifiers, we’ll play a tournament for Nike on Sunday, and the last WE of may, there will be the french nationals. So stay tuned, you’ll have some stuff to read soon.