First of all, we want to wish you a Happy New Years.

It looks like 2011 will be full of Polo and the year start with 2 really interessing tournaments.

We will open the season with the 2nd Epiphanie Tournament, organised by our friends from Rouen with their association Guidoline.

This 16 teams tournament with several competitive teams will be a very good way to start the season. The format called Tag Bidou should be innovating and should allow to all the team to play at least 6 games.

The list of the teams :

1. Broken Legs – Rouen (Bidou, Simon, Fabrice)
2. Hooks – Rouen (Quetin,Maks, Woods)
3. DFA – Rouen (Dadou, Fred, Anton)
4. Les souilleurs – Rouen (Robin, Yann, Gontran)
5. Sum Dum Monkeys – London/Paris (Gabes, James Brown, Yorgo)
6. Tour de court – Dublin/Berlin/London (Emmet, Rik, Hassan)
7. MGM – Paris (Marmousou, Greg, Matt)
8. Marco – London/Munich/ (Adam, Iain, Angie)
9. Inglorious Riders – Nantes (Simon, Romain, Alexandre)
10. DTGP – Paris (Hugo, Pierre, Edouard)
11. Call me Daddy – Grenoble (William, Jo, Polo)
12. Iron ponies – Genêve (Clement, Quentin, Johan)
13. Dirty old things – Paris (Jfran, Adrien, Nicolas)
14. Peinture french – Paris/London (Mayeut, Thomas, M A X)
15. Sporting (scp) – Paris (Leonard, Mickael, Clement)
16. Sitting on a corn flake – Toulouse (Felix, Benji, Tonnio)

The second tournament of the beginning of the year is the GreifMasters, European Bench Minor in Karlsruhe.

It’s the first time poloplayers will play to represent their country (exept London & Karlsruhe who have their own teams). I know that Bench Minor format are discussed and some people think that representing a country as a team is too football look a like, but personnaly I like both. Playing as a team and for my country. To me Bench Minor and mainly played by country is close to Davis Cup in Tennis.

Of course polo is 3 peoples making a team and fighting in a tournament, but it’s good to have some BM, mainly when you have only one court.

So in Karlsuruhe 8 teams will fight for the title, Germany, Switzerland, England, Spain, Italy, Benelux + Poland & Denmark, London, Karlsruhe and France.

Here is the list of the players who composed those teams, with their logos, all design by my friend Steffen Mackert who make a huge and very creative work again.

Benelux + Poland and Denmark.

Taka (EHVFXD / Eindhoven)

Jamal (Eindvoven)
Rutger (Eindvoven)
Lorenzo (Eindvoven)
Antoine (Brussels)
Jaouad (Antwerp)
Nicky (Antwerp)
Chris (Antwerp)
Samson (Copenhagen)
Agata (Poland)


Tobia (Venezia / Tigers HBPC)

Cento (Treviso / Tigers HBPC)
Jack (Fano – Malaforca)
Sapo (Roma / Malaforca)
Marco (Roma / Li Carbonari)
Gianlu (Vicenza / Riding in Circle)
Tommy (Fano / Malaforca)
Mattia (Vicenza / Tigers HBPC)
Perro (Torino / Reparto Pista)
Nora (Milano / Burzum)
Valerio (Roma / Li Carbonari)


James (London / Nice Touch)

Adam (Spring Break)
Brendan (BAD Polo)
Cam (Nice Touch)
James Brown (La Schmoove)
Josh (Nice Touch)
Mark (Degeneration)
Max (Sick Zombie)
Pique (La Schmoove)
Ray (ELKS)
Snoops (Cosmic)


Kico (Barcelona / El Club)

Rik (León / Ex Rotten Apples)
Lucas (Barcelona / El Club)
Tom (Barcelona / El Club)
Jordi (Barcelona / Polospelos)
Alejandro (Barcelona / Polospelos)
Camilo (Barcelona / Los Manguis)
Francesc (Barcelona / Los Manguis)
Marcos (Barcelona / Los Manguis)
Pablo (Barcelona / Ex 24 hour polo people)


Lukas (Basel)

Manuel (Geneva)
Mario (Geneva)
Quentin (Geneva)
Johan (Geneva)
Clément (Geneva)
Patrick (Geneva)
Laurent (Geneva)
Giv (Lausanne)
J.B (Berne)


1 Til (Tough Shit, Munich) – Captain
2 Mo (Polosynthese, Frankfurt/Main)
3 James (Tough Shit, Munich)
4 Danny (Bambule, Berlin)
5 David (Polosynthese, Frankfurt/Main)
6 Lorenz (Tough Shit, Munich)
7 Eddy (Toros, Munich)
8 Nico (Bambule, Berlin)
9 Shustar (Toros, München)
10 Jessi (Bambule, Berlin)



1. Chan (Netto/Manchester) Captain
2. Mirek (Netto/Manchester)
3. Ste (Asbo/Manchester)
4. Woody (Asbo/Manchester)
5. Matt (Cosmic/London)
6. Dan (Black Stabbath/Birmingham)
7. Ben/Punkture (Manchester)
8. Chirs/Landslide (Sheffield)
9. Yorgo (Paris / London)
10. Alex (Toulouse / mcr)


Waiting for both, logo and team, but team should be close to this :

1. Hannes (Candy Colored Clowns)
2. Steffen (Candy Colored Clowns)
3. Max (Shark Attack)
4. Oli (Shark Attack)
5. Alex (Shark Attack)
6. Recep (Polo D’Oro)
7. Thomas (Polo D’Oro)
8. Oli (Polo D’Oro)
9. Paul (Lucky Charm)
10. Mark, Olger or Simon…


Greg (Paris / MGM)

Marmousou (Paris / MGM)
Marc Sich (Paris / Apologie)
Luis Davis (Paris / Apologie)
Hugo (Paris / DTGP)
Pierre Adrien (Rouen / Broken Legs)
Maks (Rouen / ex DBAA => Hooks)
Lefty Will (Grenoble /  Call Me Daddy)
Jo (Lilles / Call Me Daddy)
Polo (Toulouse / Call Me Daddy)


Apologie Vs MGM

Showed during the last Paris BFF, here is a video we made with Apologie. Enjoy.

Trip to the world of polo.

Here is a video from Snoops (Cosmic/LDN), that I like a lot. It’s not only bike polo, it is mainly the good time you have when you travel and share moment with the polo community. Great video Rupert.

Vermicelles Shangai Import Export Incorporation.

This WE during the Imperia Tourney in Konstanz, I (greg) will play in a mixed team called “Vermicelles Shangai Import Export Incorporation”.

I’ll play in that team with this very uncommon name with Manu and Lukas from l’Equipe. I’m very impatient to see how it’ll work with these two very good players. During the first round we will have very tough games againt the Toros and Bambule who just wont the Polomotion Tournament in Utrecht.

There will be very goods teams in Konstanz, PoloSynthèse and the Candy Colored Clowns and teams who had good results since the beginning of the season, Iron Ponies (Won The King of the Rink Tournament) and Shark Attak (Finalist at Polomotion). If you want more information about this tournament go to the Imperia Tourney website.

Les Lions pour la Victoire / Lions for the win !

After breaking several bike parts (including 2 frames) this summer, we started looking for a partner who could provide us with some stuff that is more solid and bike polo friendly than our current bikes.

We thought a BMX company would be a good choice. since that industry has been working for years on frames and bike parts that are meant to be ridden pretty hard. After getting in touch with Sunex, we met Julien, one of the fonders of Victoire.

Victoire is a new french fixed gear oriented company started by Julien, Yann and Julien, three guys who all happen to have been into BMX for a while (they’re actually launching another brand called Voice, that will offer all sorts of BMX parts). We’ve been in contact with Them for a few weeks now, trying to come up with bike polo specific stuff that we hope will be out as soon as possible.

Victoire will offer quality pieces, 100% made in france. Needless to say we’re all stoked to be part of that project, and to work with people who share the same philosophy as ours: putting passion and effort in what you’re doing.

MGM is now 6 guys on the road for victory.

London’s BFF report / Lions on the top in LDN.

Last WE, Marmou and I (Greg) went to London for the Bicycle Film Festival. We went there with some guys from the PAris Bike Polo crew, Luis, Marc and Yorgo. Tomtox and Mayeut also came for the tournament and our friends from Rouen Max and Quentin. Unfortunately Matt couldn’t come and shared this great WE with us.

We arrived thursday evening at Kings Cross. Marmou went to his friend place and I went to a pub to met the Cosmic boys, Mat & Todd. Mat was my host for the WE, we had really good time together, interessing conversations on polo, bikes and many other subjects.

On friday, we went to downham to play polo very cool polo session. We were only few players, Rik, Gabes, Marc, Brendan, Marmou, Luis and I. We had some very good polo and great time with guys we haven’t seen since Berlin.

Then we went to a pub to eat a burger drink a pinte before moving to Barbican Center to see our friend Brendan’s movie. The film intilteld “12 miles of style” is dealing with the Tweed Run. I relly the film, mainly because there was a lot of this typical Brendan’s humour.

Brendo’s film was a part of the projection with many other movies. To me there were to many documentaries about the messengers and most of them were not really interessing. My 2 favourites films were, and it’s not surprising the documentary on Matt Hoffman, The Birth of Big Air, and Riding the Long White Cloud. I liked in this 2 movies the human side of the documentaries, that was not only beautifull pictures or performance, you were really close to the guys, trying to understand their motivation or feeling about what they lived.

After the movies we drunk some beers and went to bed. The saturday was very similar to the friday. Polo in Newington, movie to Barbican. We finished on Jono’s roof top drinking some beers.

Sunday was the POLO day. We played the annual BFF Polo tournament. There good and bad point in the organisation of the tournament. Good point were : You can’t play with someone you had already play with, 2 court with the typical london great atmosphere, and no goal limit (time limit). Bad point were allowing the shuffle, cause that was to easy to score long distance goal so that was impossible to play at 3 on the court.

I played for this tournament with Mat (Cosmic) and Em (Rotten Appels), Marmou played with Luis (Apologie) and Mirek (Netto Superstar).

Both teams ran to the final and my team beat Marmou’s one. The Top 4 was :

1st TNT, Mat/Em/Greg

2nd Roostes, Luis/Marmou/Mirek

3rd El Loco, The Frog & The Hoser, Brendan/Marc/Rik

4th The Clacos, Yorgo/Max/Woods

After the tournament we all went to the “Look Mum, No Hands”, to drink beers and to participate to the Rolla Paluzza Contest for the bravest (Yorgo, Adam…).

Once again we had great time in London. I really want to thank Mat and Therese for hosting me, I hope to see you soon in Paris.

Some Pic of the WE, from Luis & “Dangerous“.






© Dangerous

London Calling.

Next week end the BFF will be in London. As a tradition there will be a Bike Polo Tournament. Marmou and I (Greg) are going to London to see the movies and play the tournament. Many french players will come to London for the WE, Marc, Luis and Yorgo from Apologie, Thomas and Mayeut from Peinture French and Maks and Quentin from Rouen.

Because there were so many tournament this summer, the london crew decided that you can’t play with someone you have already play with in a tournament or league. So everybody will play in mixed teams. I gonna play with Cosmic Mat and Emilié from Rotten Apples. I’m so happy to play with those guys, they’re two of the best players in london and I really appreciate the way they play polo with a good agressivity, and a lot of intensity, hope the polo magic will work for the 3 of us.

Marmou will play with Luis and Mirek from Netto.

On saturday night will all go to see Brendan movies showing during the BFF. THis WE sounds so good.